photography by Juan Antonio Muñoz


to soul travel for women, travel specialists in Morocco.

soul travel for women was designed to fill a gap in the market for adventurous women who want to travel off-grid, without compromising style and comfort.

Would you like to have a truly authentic experience of little visited corners of Morocco? Travel in an exclusively small group led by an Arabic speaking American woman who has lived in Morocco for over 35 years? Stay in exquisite, hand-selected accommodations ranging from palaces to luxury desert tents? Would you like affordable single occupancy accommodation? Have your personal life coach available to you throughout the experience?

soul travel for women is designed for independent women by women who understand there is a need for experiences that offer adventure coupled with a leisurely pace, comfort, authenticity and a natural elegance.

This is bespoke travel without the attached price tag.

Our intention is to create a life-changing experience, help you rejuvenate, reconnect to yourself and discover the untouched essence of Morocco.

What makes soul travel for women stand out from the crowd?

Dana and Coralyn at soul travel for women are THE go-to experts in traveling the little known corners of Morocco. Our journeys are not off-the-shelf products. Each journey/retreat has been thoughtfully created to provide to combine relaxation and mental stimulation with the visuals of an absolutely stunning part of the world.

  • Rhythm

    a slower rhythm of life and slow travel

  • Serenity

    the natural serenity of ancient landscapes

  • Silence

    silent, star-studded night skies and moons that defy description

  • Beauty

    captivating sun rises and sun sets in isolated places

  • Disconnection

    total disconnection from your hectic 21st century world

  • Sensuality

    sensual immersion into the authentic colors, sounds, tastes and smells of ancestral villages

  • Individuality

    single occupancy accommodations encompassing renovated palaces, creatively designed eco-lodges and luxury desert camps. Limited double occupancy available on request

  • Comfort

    comfortable off-road vehicles with experienced drivers

  • Culture

    unique interactions with the local peoples and insider perspective of Moroccan history and culture

  • Panorama

    undreamed of photographic opportunities

  • Cuisine

    delicately spiced Moroccan cuisine, often ecologically sourced

  • Indulgence

    moments for self-indulgent massages and hammams (Moroccan bathing ritual)

  • Experience

    journeys/retreats that include a specialist experiential focus; i.e. health and wellness, life coaching, photography, creative writing, Moroccan cooking, art and design, among others

  • Reflection

    time for reflection, time for you

And most importantly, you will absolutely not find our itineraries elsewhere!

You can dare to experience such unique, vast and isolated moments in time and space, completely safe and supported in the knowledge that every detail of your journey has been taken care of by our team of experts, Dana and Coralyn. soul travel for women is the result of their passion to meet the authentic need for independent women’s holidays with a difference. That difference is the focus on YOU.

Come discover your inner nomad.
A different version of Morocco is waiting for you.